Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township students compete in NBA Math Hoops


Students from the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township’s Mary Castle Elementary School were among the many central Indiana students who participated in the second NBA Math Hoops Regional Tournament.

The event was hosted by Pacers Sports & Entertainment and sponsored by Eli Lilly, according to an announcement from the Pacers. It took place May 6 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Mary Castle Elementary School principal Carl Blythe stated in a social media post that the students use NBA player statistics and math knowledge to compete in NBA Math Hoops.

“They had a blast and left with much Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever swag,” Blythe stated, adding a thanks to the teachers who worked with students to help them play the game and improve their math skills.

Indianapolis Public Schools’ Henry W. Longfellow Middle School team won the regional tournament, according to Pacers Sports & Entertainment.

NBA Math Hoops aims to build math skills through a basketball-themed board game, according to the NBA Math Hoops website. It includes a curriculum and community program experience.

“Designed for students in grades 4-8, this free program develops students’ algebra readiness prior to entering high school while strengthening important skills, including self-regulation and executive function,” the website states. “The NBA Math Hoops program is implemented in in-school, out-of-school and home learning environments.”

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