Column: Small steps make a big difference


Commentary by Jeff Worrell

In 2024, civility is growing in Carmel. Despite the reminders that incivility has been around since the caveman days, I am encouraged by the positive feedback and advice I receive. While I don’t expect society’s tendency towards incivility to disappear, I believe that small steps taken by each of us can make a big difference.

Recently, I received a special email from a constituent who disagreed with my position but made a point to tell me she would express her thoughts in a civil and respectful manner. She acknowledged both sides of the issue and even offered to discuss it further in hopes of finding common ground. Her approach demonstrated empathy and a willingness to build trust.

This encounter has shown me that it is possible for individuals to engage in civil discourse, even in moments of conflict. While we may not eliminate all uncivil behavior, we can strive to approach disagreements with mutual respect and dignity. I am grateful for this reminder and positive sign that meaningful dialogue is indeed possible, and I look forward to continuing to work toward a more civil society, one person at a time.