Westfield creates eight-year capital improvement plan


The City of Westfield is prioritizing its list of public works projects over the next several years.

Johnathon Nail, director of public works, presented the members of Westfield City Council with a preview of the city’s eight-year, $186 million capital improvement during their meeting April 22. Nail said public works staff have been working closely with the mayor’s office to budget and plan projects to keep up with growth.

“This plan looks ahead though 2032,” Nail said. “The plan remains tax neutral, so we are funding these projects through a variety of our revenue streams in public works. That includes cash from the general fund, Motor Vehicle Highway Fund, local roads and streets funds, park impact fees, road impact fees and (general obligation) bonds among other sources of revenue.”

Nail discussed 26 established projects and 26 future projects.

The established projects are those items already at the design phase or further, including four parks projects, 13 road projects, three roundabouts and three trail projects. Established projects are slated for 2024 through 2027 and include $21.7 million for reconstruction and streetscaping on Ind. 32 through the heart of Westfield. That project is funded through a 50/50 partnership with INDOT.

The list also includes $9.9 million to construct a tunnel bringing the Monon Trail under 161st Street. Additional projects include roundabouts at 161st Street and Springmill Road, 181st Street and Wheeler Road and 151st and Towne Road, various road widening projects and $7 million in improvements at Simon Moon Park.

The additional 26 projects identify future plans that have been assigned preliminary timeframes, construction timelines and potential funding sources. That list includes 15 road projects, 10 roundabouts and one trail project. The estimated combined total of those 26 projects is $129.1 million between 2024 and 2032.

“We are actively working on design for 191st Street from Tomlinson Road to Grand Park Boulevard, that’s a four-lane widening to help alleviate some of the congestion we’re seeing getting into Grand Park,” Nail said, adding that additional plans to continue that widening project west to Springmill Road are also a priority.

A roundabout at Grand Park Boulevard and 181st Street is the top-ranked roundabout within that list.

The future project list also includes $5.5 million to build a pedestrian bridge to bring the Monon Trail over 191st Street.

“(This is) addressing safety before safety problems really present themselves; we want to try to be proactive when it comes to safety in Westfield,” Nail said.

The project list is amendable, to allow for changes in priorities as necessary. Total cost is also variable, as the city seeks out funding sources including grants, county contributions and cost sharing.

“We’re going to be actively looking to reduce costs where we can and get help for the costs from grants and other opportunities as needed,” Nail said.

Nail said the current ranking list is based predominantly on community concerns and discussions with staff and city officials. Mayor Scott Willis said the plan will address infrastructure needed for future growth as well as quality of life for Westfield residents.

The city is working to create an interactive map for the website, westfield.in.gov, where residents can get up to date information on the capital improvement plan.