Fishers man charged in separate shootings


A 34-year-old man faces multiple felonies following a complex Fishers Police Department investigation that allegedly links a road-rage shooting in 2023 to a home shooting incident in 2022.


Noblesville resident Anthony Mikalani Medeiros was booked into Hamilton County Jail March 22, according to the jail website. He was charged with four felonies — criminal recklessness, shooting a firearm into an inhabited building; criminal recklessness, committed with a deadly weapon; aggravated battery, posing a substantial risk of death to a person under age 14; and aggravated battery, posing a substantial risk of death. He also faces one misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief.

The investigation started in August 2022, when FPD officers responded to reports of a shooting at Veon Drive in Fishers, according to the affidavit for probable cause filed by FPD Detective Sgt. Robbie Ruble. Multiple houses had been hit, but one home appeared to be the main target.

“The residence sustained damage to the general area of the front door and to two vehicles parked in the driveway,” Ruble stated. “All the aforementioned damage appeared to have been caused by bullet strikes. The damage was more pervasive inside, where it appeared the bullets fired had traveled through multiple surfaces inside the house and out through the back side of the house. It appeared their residence had been intentionally targeted and that damage to other residences was caused by bullets which had passed through the (victims’) residence.”

Four people were in the home at the time, including two children. Police recovered bullet casings from the home and were told by the victims that the wife had previously experienced problems with Medeiros, whose last known address at the time was in Carmel.

Police made multiple attempts to locate Medeiros at the time but were unsuccessful.

About seven months later on March 20, 2023, Ruble stated that police were called to Gilbert Lane close to the Van Buren Place intersection for a report of gunshots. They found shell casings in the area similar to those found at the Veon Drive home and interviewed a resident of the area who reported that someone had shot at him during a road rage incident.

The victim said he had missed the turn into his housing addition and braked quickly, and the driver behind him responded aggressively.

“(The victim) stated that he heard a loud pop but didn’t know it was a shot,” Ruble stated. “(He) stated he turned off of Promise Road onto Chandler Way into his housing addition. The vehicle followed him onto Chandler Way. (He) stated he heard three gunshots and saw the driver of the vehicle waving a gun out of the window. (He) stated that the driver yelled at him three times and continued to follow him through the neighborhood.”

The victim was able to lose the other driver and park in his garage. Police recovered a bullet from the victim’s vehicle that was similar to those collected earlier and got a description of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle.

With the help of traffic camera data, police were able to identify a vehicle in the area at that time belonging to Medeiros, and a Noblesville address for the suspect about three miles from both shooting scenes.

Through a search warrant, police found various firearms and ammunition in his possession. Among the items found were bullets that allegedly match casings found at both shooting sites.

In May 2023, FPD learned that lab results had matched a gun seized from Medeiros’ vehicle to shell casings found at both shootings.

A second search warrant to seize electronics was served in late August 2023. Ruble stated that police seized three cell phones, an iPad and a desktop computer. Investigators examined the data on the devices and allegedly found various conversations predicting Medeiros’ arrest following the search warrants, along with older messages related to the victims from the August 2022 shooting — including more than 200 phone calls along with numerous text messages to the wife’s phone number.

Medeiros next scheduled hearing is a pretrial conference 9 a.m. May 6 in Hamilton County Superior Court. A trial is tentatively set for June 10.