Applied Behavior Analysis clinic to open in Noblesville


BehaviorWorks ABA, a clinic specializing in applied behavior analysis therapy for children ages 3 to 10 diagnosed with autism, is expanding to a second location in Noblesville.

The clinic will open a second location at 19043 Cumberland Rd. in Noblesville this summer. Its first office is at 18 N. High School Rd. in Indianapolis.

BehaviorWorks ABA primarily focuses on communication skills, executive skills, motor skills, problem-behavior reduction, self-help skills and social skills.

“ABA is the scientific approach to understanding behavior,” said Delta Kindred, hiring/marketing manager for BehaviorWorks ABA. “It is a set of principles that focus on how behavior change is affected by the environment. So, we provide ABA therapy to children diagnosed with autism and also for the community and school systems.”

Kindred said Noblesville was an ideal place city to expand because of the demand for an ABA clinic on the northside of Indianapolis.

“We felt like there was a need in the area because we surveyed the location and saw only a few clinics,” Kindred said. “There are also elementary and high schools in the area, and we hope to build a relationship with the Noblesville school system.”

Kindred said basic communication and listening skills are provided at the clinic, along with the daily skills children need to learn.

“We work on health skills like face washing and toilet training,” Kindred said. “We also teach how to be attentive in social environments. It depends on the needs of each specific child. Each child is given an individualized treatment plan, which is provided by a board-certified Behavior Analyst. It is also a collaborative effort with parents to ensure our goal aligns with the needs and goals of each family.”

Kindred said BehaviorWorks ABA has a “natural approach” to providing care.

“We do a little bit of discrete trial training, which is more structured and broken down into skills, but we do a lot of naturalistic teaching,” Kindred said. “We work in a natural environment and aim to follow the children’s motivation to go where they naturally want to go.”

For more, visit or call 317-731-7777.