Letter: Start with a mirror


Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the March 26 column by Terry Anker, “The worst of graphic design.”


Culturally broad focus is too much for one person or group. We feel falsely content with our vice, provided we see bigger vice on display in the news, in the movies, even in a neighbor …then protest loudly, sometimes with T-shirts.

What does this do? (It) subtly kicks the can down the road on cleaning up our own internal baggage. The garbage piles up, then begins to stink and radiate so others smell it, allowing them to easily dismiss our overly broad objections to culture because, after all, they’re stuck in the same circular projection we are.

Someone once mentioned pulling the plank out of my eye in order to see the speck in my brother’s eye — what was his name again? He made a lot of uncomfortable sense, as I recall.

Judging is fine, but we should start with the mirror — the sphere around us will follow and expand naturally. Such is the fabric of reality.

Thank you again for putting thoughtfulness to print so consistently. Dare I say the sphere around you is expanding!

Jacob Johnston, Fishers