Allendale Treatment opens resource center in Carmel


Specializing in addiction and mental health recovery, Allendale Treatment opened a resource center in Carmel in November 2023 and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony March 22.

The facility at 254 E. Carmel Dr. will serve people transitioning out of its Auburn inpatient and Ft. Wayne outpatient recovery facilities. The staff will also connect anyone from the community to resources.

“If they’re struggling with drugs or alcohol or mental health, or it’s a family and they’ve got a loved one that’s struggling with one of those things, they can come in there and sit down and talk with our community outreach coordinators and peer support specialists. Then our job is to get them connected with whatever resources best fit their needs,” said Tommy Streeter, Allendale Treatment regional director of community outreach.

Streeter said the Allendale team chose Carmel for the new resource center because of the number of people coming to their facilities from the area and wanting to make sure they had follow-up care.

The center doesn’t have regular hours, but staff are on call.

“This is something that we’ve never done before. So, we’re trying to navigate it as we go. And to see what we can do that’s going to work best for the community,” Streeter said.

Programs include individual appointments and support groups for alumni and family members.

“Anybody that has been through our program, if they return to the Indianapolis area, we’ll have alumni meetings at that office, just to keep our alumni in touch with each other, keep them invested and involved in the program,” Streeter said. “(The family support groups) are not necessarily for the person themselves that’s struggling, it’s for their friends and their family.”

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