West Fork Whiskey plan includes “village” setting


The owners of West Fork Whiskey plan to create a new neighborhood, centered on its Westfield distillery to include residences, retail and community amenities.

Representatives for West Fork Whiskey Real Estate Joint Venture, LLC were before the Advisory Plan Commission April 1 to discuss an amendment to the PUD, also known as the Osborne Trails planned unit development district.

Russell Brown, an attorney with Clark, Quinn, Moses, Scott & Grahan, LLP representing West Fork Whiskey, said the plan seeks the addition of townhomes and complimentary retail development surrounding West Fork Whiskey, to create a village-like development.

“The goal here is to create what would be called the West Fork District, the creation of a destination neighborhood and building a community around the West Fork brand,” Brown said. “When West Fork chose Westfield over a number of communities in central Indiana several years ago to build their headquarters, they themselves created a food and beverage destination. (This proposal) will take that vision one step further.”

Brown said the plans create a neighborhood destination that would be cohesively developed with the existing West Fork Whiskey site. The plans include up to 140 three-story townhouse units with a minimum size of 1,400 square feet. West Fork has entered an agreement with M/I Homes, Inc. to create the community.

The design plan complements the existing West Fork building while preserving commercial units along 191st Street, and includes a pond, expanded parking, a dog park and a joint-amenities area with a small outdoor event space. Brown said that space is intended to be a community gathering area.

The design also includes a rack house for aging of West Fork products.

“The goal here is to have a complementary and/or cohesive commercial use,” Brown said. “We believe that this project will deliver a uniquely focused live and play district that provides another housing option for Westfield while supporting a business… that bet big on your community several years ago when they moved to this location.”

There were no comments at a public hearing held before the APC April 1. The item will now move to a workshop meeting May 8 for further consideration.