Letter: Resolve conflicts ‘as fast as we can’



I am writing as a follow up to Mike Senuta’s “Republicans refuse to discuss uncomfortable truths” letter to the editor. I, too, was in attendance at U.S. Rep. Victoria Spartz’s town hall on Jan. 25. Having arrived a bit late due to a prior appointment, I missed the opportunity to obtain one of the Q&A cards where you could write your name to be entered into the queue for the Q&A portion of the town hall. I thought there would surely be time for additional questions for those that had arrived later. I wanted to ask my question in front of everyone so I spent some time trying to formulate something serious, but also with some humor. I was going to ask Rep. Spartz to please support a country with an even worse border crisis than we have – Ukraine. I ended up waiting in line to ask Rep. Spartz my question after the meeting as there was no additional Q&A time. She agreed it is a terrible war but gave no assurances for supporting Ukraine.

I see that there’s a press release on March 5 regarding the war in Ukraine from Rep. Spartz where she states, “We also should resolve conflicts not with ‘as long as it takes’, but with ‘as fast as we can’ strategies.” I couldn’t agree more. Rep. Spartz, please support Ukraine with all the aid they need, be it military or humanitarian, “as fast as we can.”

Jennifer Lentz, Carmel