Letter: Thankful for responsive city leadership



I was very pleased by the presentations, attitudes and remarks at recent Carmel City Council meetings. Councilors asked great questions of the presenters! The library presentation was very impressive. The committee report and accompanying map, along with the discussion about Carmel redevelopment, were enlightening.

Carmel is working to diminish the effects of climate change in many ways, as we heard from the Carmel Climate Action Advisory Committee report and the council members. A full-time sustainability coordinator could be worth her/his weight in gold for our city. Solar on businesses and city buildings is a good step forward. Careful water usage is an important part of the plan. Looking at various options for cost effective and environmentally sustainable city fleets is ongoing.

The planning for drought resistant vegetation, use of native plants and composting makes me, a former president of the Indiana Native Plant Society Central Chapter, very happy. Councilor Rich Taylor’s mentioning of native prairies instead of turf grass proposes a win-win solution wherever feasible. Mulched grass clippings provide the best free fertilizer a turf area can have, but area restaurants, schools, assisted living facilities, etc. should have lots of food waste that can provide the needed green for composting. Wouldn’t it be great if Carmel produced sufficient compost for the City of Carmel’s needs and could also offer free compost to its citizens?

I’d like to recommend our city planners look into the beautiful, cutting-edge designs a few other cities are using in their downtown areas for handling drainage in a sustainable way with deep-rooted native plants. Maybe our designers could incorporate this solution with our wonderful roundabouts.

Thank you to all members of the Carmel City Council for their hard work, concern for environmental sustainability and for listening to Carmel’s citizens.   

Jeannine Mattingly, Carmel