Citizens Energy Group files water rate case in Westfield


Water rates could be on the rise in Westfield, with bills potentially increasing by more than $8 per month starting next year.

Citizens Energy Group has filed a request with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to raise Westfield’s rates. If approved, rates are expected to increase in two phases.

The first will begin no later than January 2025, with the average residential customer seeing an increase of $7.05 per month, for a total water utility charge of $40.01.

The second phase will begin no later than January 2026, with an increase for the average residential customer of $1.26 per month, for a total water utility charge of $41.27.

In a news release announcing the rate case filing, Citizens Westfield stated that the utility has significantly upgraded critical water distribution infrastructure and expanded the utility system in support of the community’s growth and economic development.

This is the first time Citizens has filed a water rate case in Westfield since the acquisition of the utility in 2014, when a rate increase was in progress, according to the release. The current rates have been in effect since 2016.

“While rate adjustments are necessary to continue providing water utility service in a safe and reliable way—now and in the future, Citizens recognizes the impact that rate increases have on household budgets. Citizens will continue to prioritize a balance of service affordability and essential improvements,” the release stated.

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