Mayor gives updates at Zionsville Town Council meeting


The Zionsville Town Council met March 4 to discuss town updates with Zionsville Mayor John Stehr, presented updates to items including the comprehensive plan, the recent filling of the town’s communications coordinator position, Zionsville Golf Course proposals and the South Village, among other business.

The next town council meeting is set for 7:30 a.m. March 18 at Town Hall.

What happened: Stehr gave an update on the town’s comprehensive plan.

What it means: The town posted a request for qualification for an updated comprehensive plan at the end of January. According to Stehr, RFQs are the applications from consultants to help the town through the comprehensive planning process. Stehr said the town received nine proposals through the RFQ process. With the help of councilmembers Brad Burk and Sarah Sampson, a committee narrowed the proposals to three finalists. The finalists include the firms Rundell Ernstberger Associates, Hannum Wagle & Cline Engineering and planning NEXT.

What’s next: From noon to 4 p.m. March 16, a joint public meeting between the town council and plan commission will be held at Town Hall, where each firm will make a presentation. “The goal is to merge with a consensus on which company will lead us through the comprehensive plan process,” Stehr said.


What happened: Stehr and Corrie Sharp, president of Innovative Planning, gave a presentation regarding the South Village in Zionsville, which, according to town officials, is “envisioned to include areas located south of Pine Street, west of Elm Street, north of Zionsville Cemetery and east of 2nd Street.” According to Stehr, South Village will be a “mixed use development that will include office space, restaurants, shops, parking and some residential space.”

What it means: Stehr said the town is working through a planned unit development document in draft form to provide a code for mixed uses in the South Village. He told the council that the town will direct the PUD rather than a developer. Sharp said the town is looking at previous studies on the area, including the 2021 Zionsville Gateway Area Masterplan, the 2012 economic development plan and the 2014 downtown Zionsville market study and parking analysis.

What’s next: Stehr said the plan is to have a “working copy” of the PUD by the end of this month. Sharp said the 2014 downtown Zionsville market study and parking analysis is being updated.


What happened: Stehr presented an update regarding the request for proposal process for the Zionsville Golf Course.

What it means: Stehr said the town received three proposals for the operation, management and maintenance of the Zionsville Golf Course. He said of the three, one “rose to the top,” being the most consistent with what the town asked for. “Hopefully, through this process, we will be able to find some efficiencies to make the experience even better for our golfers and the employees who keep the course running,” Stehr said.

What’s next: Stehr said a meeting is planned with the finalist to negotiate details and that it is still an option to operate the course the way it has been since the town took it over in 2007. He said when the golf season begins around March 15, management discussions shouldn’t disrupt course operations.


What happened: Stehr announced that the town’s communications coordinator position has been filled.

What it means: The town hired Kaitlin Watson to take on the role of the communications coordinator. Stehr said Watson “has a long Zionsville history” and thinks she will “play a vital role in what (the town does) going forward.”

What’s next: Watson will begin April 1.