“Seussical Jr.” takes stage at Zionsville West Middle School


The Zionsville West Middle School Drama Club will perform “Seussical Jr.” March 8 and 9.

“Seussical Jr.” is a musical comedy based on Dr. Seuss’ children’s books. The cast consists of 80 ZWMS students. According to eighth-grade student Vivian Kiper, who plays the lead role of Horton, the story focuses heavily on her character.

“Seussical is about an elephant named Horton who finds a speck of dust that he believes has humans on it,” Kiper said. “They need his help to protect them from any danger. He goes on a journey trying to take care of the people living there — the Whos. The character JoJo in Whoville feels misunderstood, which comes into play with Horton. They become unexpected friends.”

ZWMS eight- grader Avery Lewis, who portrays The Cat in the Hat, said her character leads the story by helping JoJo know it is OK to be different.

Julianna Boyd, ZWMS Drama Club director, chose “Seussical” this year because it allows many students to get stage time.

“This musical has the most characters that get their own song or chance to own the stage on their own,” Boyd said. “We have a lot of talented students who deserve and have worked for the chance to get their own solo or part.”

Kiper, who has acted in multiple shows at ZWMS, said she is most excited for the audience to see the set and the costumes.

“I hope the audience gets the message that we’re trying to tell with the story that you should help anyone, no matter how different they are from you,” Kiper said.

Lewis, who is appearing in her fourth musical at ZWMS, said seeing their work come together is exciting.

“We all support each other,” Lewis said. “When everyone sees the set and show for the first time, I think they’ll love it.”

“Seussical Jr.” will have performances at 7 p.m. March 8, and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. March 9. Tickets are $8 and can only be purchased online at sites.google.com/site/zwestdramaclub.