Lawrence police warn of scam phone calls


The Lawrence Police Department has issued a warning about scam phone calls in which residents receive calls from someone posing as an LPD officer and claiming the resident owes money for tickets or other violations. 

“The Lawrence Police Department does not make these types of phone calls and would never request anyone to make a payment via Cash App or Apple Pay,” the announcement stated. “These types of scams are designed to exploit fear and pressure victims into making payments to the scammers.”

The announcement stated that scammers can use official-sounding language to intimidate victims. They might claim that someone has unpaid fines, warrants or outstanding tickets, and that they need to make immediate payments to avoid arrest or legal consequences.

Scammers often will instruct their intended victim to make payments through prepaid debit cards, gift cards, wire transfers or cryptocurrency. Legitimate law enforcement agencies do not request payments through these methods, the announcement stated.

Scammers have technology that can manipulate caller ID information to make it appear as though the call is coming from a legitimate police department or government agency. Police recommend that people do not trust caller ID alone.

If someone receives a suspicious phone call, they should verify the call and not provide any personal information or make payments. 

“Ask the caller for their name, badge number and the department they claim to represent,” the announcement stated. “Hang up and independently verify the information by contacting the City of Lawrence Police Department using publicly available contact information. Do not use any phone numbers provided by the caller.”

Police ask anyone who has encountered the scam to report it by calling 317-545-7575.