Indy Aquatics Masters provides opportunities for adult swimmers


By Ken Severson

Competition and recreational swimming aren’t only for the younger set.

Middle-aged and senior swimmers can compete in tournament settings, too. Moreover, recreational swimming is an ideal exercise for older adults because it’s a low-impact activity.

Indy Aquatic Masters is an award-winning aquatic fitness program that promotes healthy lifestyles through swimming, for beginners up to competitive swimmers.

“It is an adult program, and you have to be 18 to join, but we accommodate all levels of swimming, too, from beginners,” Indy Aquatics Masters Executive Director Michelle Harter said.

Indy Aquatic Masters is a registered U.S. Masters Swimming Club and is open to all adults18 and older with all levels of swimming ability and offers a Masters Swim Club and Adult Learn-To-Swim lessons in multiple locations throughout the Indianapolis metro area, including Carmel High School and the Carmel Swim Academy.

“We have a really fantastic mix of different backgrounds in swimming,” Harter said. “We’re not just all old swimmers who competed in high school. We have those, but we others without that background.”

Harter said out of about 280 members in the program, 72 live in Hamilton County. That represents a quarter of its total membership.

And with more than a dozen swimming coaches throughout the metro area, teaching swimming isn’t a problem. Every coach is certified, so members can be sure of not only beneficial workouts, but safe ones, too.

Other benefits are provided for members, such as an online program available to help improve strength. And coaches have chat videos that help educate swimmers on swimming specifics.

According to Harter, the majority of masters swimmers range in age from their 40s to 60s and older, including parents and grandparents who want to play in the water with their children and grandchildren. 

“We also have members in their 80s,” Harter said. 

For the first time, Indy Aquatics Masters is offering an adult learn to swim program at the Carmel Swim Academy that began in late January.

“We’re excited to reach this area,” Harter said. “Our program is all about changing, improving and saving lives. That’s really the mission of our program.”

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