Column: Don’t live with back pain


Commentary by Linda Barnes                                                                                             

If you have back pain, physical therapy may be your ticket to relief. Physical therapy can relieve pain, promote healing and restore function and movement.

If you get physical therapy when your back problems first begin, you may even be able to avoid surgery. And if you do need surgery, physical therapy can greatly help you recover.

Getting started

Some spine specialists recommend physical therapy sooner, particularly if the pain is severe. In general, the goals of physical therapy are to decrease pain, increase function and get the patient on a maintenance program to prevent further recurrences.

Depending upon your needs, your physical therapist will come up with a treatment plan to assist you. The first thing they will do is work on treatments to ease your back pain and improve your flexibility including:

Massage: Helps relax your muscles, increases circulation, and eases pain in your soft tissues.

Mobilization: Measured movements to move bones and joints into position helping with flexibility.

Manipulation: Pressure on your body with the hands or a device ranging from gentle to strong, and slow to fast helping improve strength and endurance.

Therapy on Wheels is one of the few companies that has physical therapists who specialize in the treatment of back pain in the home. All 1-on-1 therapy is provided in the comfort of your own home with no homebound restrictions. Therapy On Wheels accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare.

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