Witham Health Services introduces new MRI scanner


Witham Health Services recently announced the installation of a MAGNETOM Altea 1.5T MRI scanner, which is now available at the Whitestown at Anson location at 6085 Heartland Dr. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was recently held to introduce the new MRI, which, according to Witham, is “fast, convenient and local.”

The company stated the new “state-of-the-art” machine is “uniquely designed to deliver the best of both worlds, including exceptional image quality for physicians and a comfortable experience for patients.” It enables Witham to deliver precise, personalized exams for all patients.

“We wanted to find the best of both worlds,” stated David Brinkley, director of radiology services at Witham. “On one hand, we were looking for the MRI scanner that delivered the best possible images. On the other hand, we wanted our patients to have the best possible experience closer to their home. MAGNETOM Altea brought it all together for us.”

The system features BioMatrix Technology and accommodates patients’ “anatomical, physiological and technologist differences.” Witham explained the scanner adapts to the patient’s needs and delivers the clinical information to diagnose and treat accurately. These factors help decrease the need for rescans and increase scan consistency across a diverse patient population.

“Our previous MRI had offered excellent services; however, our new MRI allows Witham to expand access to Boone County and the surrounding areas,” Brinkley stated. “We now have the capability to scan more types of studies — from neuro and musculoskeletal to prostate and breast imaging.”

Diverse patients are also accommodated with a 70-cm wide bore. The company stated that the wide bore design will help reduce anxiety and symptoms of claustrophobia.

“Combining the wide bore design and faster scan times, patients will have a much better experience during their MRI,” Brinkley stated. “With this new state-of-the-art system, Witham (can now) deliver the highest-quality care and best possible patient experience to patients in the Zionsville/Whitestown area.”

For more, visit witham.org.