Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen addresses Indiana Senate in support of mental health bill


Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen testified before the Indiana Senate Health and Provider Services Committee Jan. 24 in support of Senate Bill 10, the Indiana Community Cares Initiative grant pilot program. It is a statewide pilot program that helps communities invest in proactive and sustainable mental health resources.

SB 10 was unanimously approved and recommitted to the Appropriations Committee. State Sens. Scott Baldwin (R-District 20), Michael Crider (R-District 28) and Ed Charbonneau (R-District 5) authored the bill.

Jensen announced the Indiana Community Cares Initiative Oct. 31, 2023, at his State of the City address. According to the city, the bill and initiative are based on the successes of Noblesville’s NobleACT program, a mental health collaboration that launched in 2020 to strengthen community-based responses in partnership with the police and fire departments and area service providers.

According to the city, NobleACT has responded to more than 6,000 calls for help to address issues like housing, mental health episodes, challenges associated with aging and premature birth and addiction issues with the help of a crisis intervention specialist on staff and K-9 therapy dogs.

“The City of Noblesville prioritizes public safety and the health of our community through the NobleACT program,” Jensen stated. “This program has proven it can save lives and it’s now time to take this program statewide. I am encouraged that Sens. Scott Baldwin, Michael Crider and Ed Charbonneau have taken the lead on Senate Bill 10. This bill is a substantial step forward in investing in our people and the future of integrated public health and safety.”

SB 10 is co-authored by State Sens. Eric Bassler (R-District 39), James Buck (R-District 21), Justin Busch (R-District 16), Cyndi Carrasco (R-District 36), John Crane (R-District 24), Chris Garten (R-District 45), Mike Gaskill (R-District 25), Tyler Johnson (R-District 14) and Kyle Walker (R-District 31).