Hamilton County releases labor market forecast


Invest Hamilton County, in coordination with more than a dozen corporate, civic, education and philanthropic partners, has produced a labor market forecast for the county going out to the year 2030. Talent InSight 2030 is a comprehensive project that measures the county’s population, occupation, educational demographics and commuting patterns to establish long-term demand forecasts for multiple subsets of high demand employment.

“Hamilton County is a destination for high-wage, highly educated talent from across the country,” Invest Hamilton County President and CEO Mike Thibideau stated. “We also possess dynamic communities led by visionary individuals that have seen job growth explode over the past multiple decades.”

Talent InSight 2030 was compiled by bringing together the economic development goals of Hamilton County’s cities, growth projections of school corporations, projected home building plans for local builders and a diverse array of private and governmental data sources such as Lightcast, ESRI, the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, IN Department of Education and STATS Indiana.

In 2026, Hamilton County, the state’s fastest-growing county, is projected to import 2,000 more workers than it exports, representing a 15,000 person net shift in commuting patterns since 2015, even when excluding hybrid and remote working trends.

“This project is intended to provide a tool that our local leaders, education stakeholders and business community can use to forecast how our community will continue to grow and change through the rest of this decade,” Thibideau stated.

Invest Hamilton County will host a State of the Workforce luncheon March 19 at The Bridgewater Club. Thibideau and a national speaker from Lightcast, leaders in labor market analytics, will dive into the data learned from the Talent InSight 2030 project and how it compares to national trends.

For more, visit: investhamiltoncounty.com or to schedule a presentation email Director of Programs Jill Doyle at jdoyle@investhamiltoncounty.com.