Opinion: A weighty blanket matter


Friends, I’ve done it. I’ve quit my weighted blanket cold turkey. I haven’t slept well in more than a week, but I am committed to recovery. Let’s explore.

About four years ago, I bought myself a sumptuous 20-pound quilt with CoolMax technology. My teacher neighbor at the time had sworn by its restorative properties, especially for people like me who were having trouble staying asleep thanks to hormones and unfounded anxiety. The first few nights, I nearly suffocated (probably should have gone with the 15 pounder), but I persevered and soon became a devotee. I couldn’t wait to crawl under that calming swath of premium cotton blend. My devotion morphed quickly into an addiction, however, and when I would travel without my new best friend, I tossed and turned relentlessly. Nevertheless, I have adored my blanket, a true miracle worker.

So, why quit now? I suspect that its sheer heaviness might be the culprit behind my current tennis elbow affliction (and possibly my controversial 2020 plantar fasciitis). The strength that it takes to change positions or adjust the covering is simply too great for my tiny arm tendons. And because I’m not fully conscience of my movement at night, I perpetually reinjure myself. I’ve tried a splint and am doing physical therapy, but I’m making zero improvement. I’d actually argue it’s getting worse. I’m desperate, folks, and am finally willing to take desperate measures.

Which, sadly for me, means quitting my weighted blanket. I’m giving myself two weeks to see if it helps. If not, I’m diving headfirst off the wagon. Momma needs her sleep; stupid tennis elbow be darned.

Peace out.