Rock on: Local band performs ‘high-energy’ shows in central Indiana


Steve Meyer, a retired aerospace sales executive and real estate investor, always dreamed of starting a band. After meeting some like-minded people at the School of Rock in Carmel, his dream became a reality.

Formed in 2020, Rhino Down is a cover band that plays, according to its members, high-energy rock. It plays shows mostly in central Indiana and was founded by Meyer, Paul Giefing, Mike Brown and Adam Hayes. Meyer plays guitar and sings backing vocals. Giefing plays guitar and sings lead vocals. Brown plays bass guitar and Hayes plays drums.

“It’s like our secret kind of bucket list thing,” said Meyer, a Noblesville resident.

Giefing, a Westfield resident, is a commercial relationship banker with Everwise Credit Union and owns Crazy King Burrito in Carmel. Hayes owns The Hayes Group, a digital marketing company in Fishers, and Brown is the president of Genesis Sod Farms, a Meyer Foods Management company based in Noblesville.

Meyer said the band was formed when the COVID-19 pandemic began when members had extra time on their hands during the lockdowns of 2020.

The band started playing gigs in 2021 and has seven members — the four founding members and three who joined later. Rhino Down has played at Federal Hill Commons in Noblesville; Primeval Brewery in Noblesville; Ale Emporium in Indianapolis and Fishers; Joe’s Grill in Westfield; and Britton Tavern in Fishers, among other places.

Meyer said the band used to play more classic rock tunes but switched to songs that make crowds interact and dance. Giefing said at one show, the audience sang along to “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds.

Other popular songs performed by Rhino Down include “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain; “Ain’t It Fun?” by Paramore; “My Hero” by Foo Fighters; “Nightrain” by Guns ‘n Roses; and “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs, and many others.

Meyer and Giefing said the band members are “friends first, band members second.”

“We were people first — husbands, friends, spouses, your husband’s friends, fathers,” Giefing said. “All of that we had in common and (the band members) are good people. That was our primary focus.”

Meyer and Giefing said their favorite part about performing with Rhino Down is the crowd energy. Meyer said it’s “just one big party.”

Giefing agrees.

“I know that when I get home, regardless of if the show is from 7 to 9 or from 10 to 1, you are just jacked,” Giefing said. “You’re full of adrenaline from the excitement because you’re just enjoying the heck out of it.”

Meyer said Rhino Down occasionally refreshes its setlist.

“We don’t want someone to come here later (and hear) the same music (from) a year ago,” Meyer said. “So, (we’re) kind of constantly adding new songs and things important to the crowd because people like their favorites but they also like new music, too. I personally see us doing a lot more festivals, too.”

CiN 0116 COVER Rhino Down 1
From left, Rhino Down members Robyn Glushik, Amanda McClaran and Paul Giefing perform at Kip’s Pub in Indianapolis. (Photo courtesy of Rhino Down)


Current members: Steve Meyer, guitar, vocals; Paul Giefing, guitar, lead vocals; Mike Brown, bass; Adam Hayes, drums; Robyn Glushik, backing vocals; Amanda McClaran, lead vocals; and Francesco Pasquinelli, keyboard.

Venues where the band has performed: Aces’ Pub in Lafayette; Ale Emporium – Castleton in Indianapolis; Ale Emporium – Geist in Fishers; Barley Island in Noblesville; Britton Tavern in Fishers; Carmel Porchfest in Carmel; Fair on the Square Marathon in Danville; Federal Hill Commons Concert Series in Noblesville; Four Finger Distillery in Westfield; Grand Junction Brewery in Westfield; Joe’s Grill in Westfield; Hotel Tango Distillery in Zionsville; Kip’s Pub in Indianapolis; Linwood Tavern in Lafayette; Madam Carroll/Luse Lounge in Monticello; McGilvery’s Pub in Speedway; Melody Inn in Indianapolis; Morse Reservoir Private Dock Parties in Cicero; Oakdale Dam Inn in Monticello; Primeval Brewery in Noblesville; Hamilton County RISE Fest in Noblesville; The Dog House in Delphi; The Flyover in Anderson; and private parties in various locations.