Estridge Studio E in Carmel provides gallery of choices for homebuyers


By Tirzah Rowland

Inspired by showrooms in London and along the East Coast along with its own designs, the team at Estridge Homes said the company offers an elevated and personalized design approach to clients at its new Studio E in Carmel.

The longtime Indianapolis-area homebuilder moved its corporate offices to 645 Carmel Dr. in early 2023 with plans to create a customizable space for its design center, called Studio E, as a contemporary reflection of its established brand.

“We wanted a creative on-trend space with the feel of an art gallery,” said Devon Bloxom, director of sales and marketing for Estridge Homes.

Bloxom said clients can move through Studio E room by room and see the quality and variety of choices.

The studio features crisp white walls and ceilings above polished concrete floors in rooms displaying tiles and cabinetry options. Curated fixtures are displayed on built-in shelving. Islands with seating are open to clients throughout the space.

“We started planning the space knowing we were moving our offices,” said Rob McGraw, Estridge Homes co-owner and chief operating officer. “We looked at other builder’s studios and other industries.”

Understanding that trends and styles evolve quickly in the age of social media and design shows, McGraw said he wanted a space that would be easy to change to keep up with client interest and would provide more product options displayed to inspire.

“When they walk in, they are drawn in. It is a very inviting space that inspires people to want to put together their own home,” McGraw said. “The intentional lighting, open-air flow and strategic design make it feel different than other studios.”

Artwork by local artists available for purchase is displayed featured in front of the studio.

“We wanted to support local artists,” McGraw said. “The artwork adds to the gallery feel.”

Unlike traditional builder-design centers, Studio E focuses on empowering design and style more than specific products and predetermined ideas, according to McGraw.

“We wanted to provide more creative flexibility, not create a focus around specific materials.” McGraw said. “The product is art more than locked-in suggestions.”

Estridge offers an a-la-carte experience with up to 20 or more options in each category and hundreds of choices and combinations overall for everything from light fixtures to exterior finishes, Bloxom said

“This space was built with an elevated experience in mind,” Bloxom said. “Clients walk through the space and see visions of a custom home from the robust number of choices.”

Conidered a semi-custom builder, the Estridge motto “different by design” inspired the space that opened in November and frames the entire design and build process, Bloxom said.

“We change our product a lot. We put a lot of thought into architecture and neighborhoods,” Bloxom said. “We allow structural changes to our floorplans.”

Prices vary by neighborhood but are designed for a broad range of clients and budgets.

“The next year will be important for home buying. If you are looking to personalize your home, visit one of our neighborhoods,” Bloxom said. “They all have different homes and overall feel.”

Sales consultants at Estridge model homes connect clients with Studio E for preview appointments. There they meet with a designer to guide the process but are given creative freedom within their desired budget.

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