Letter: Value person over party in general election



I’m a lifelong Republican-leaning voter who has never pulled the “straight ticket” voting lever. I value the person over the party.

Republicans Sue Finkam for mayor and Jeff Worrell for councilor-at-large have earned my support for the Carmel Nov. 7 general election, but I’ll be voting for Democrat Jeremy Eltz rather than Republican Adam Aasen for the Southeast District city council seat.

When I speak to a potential district councilor, I want them to look me in the eye and pay attention to what I’m saying. I want them to engage with me. That was not my experience with the Republican candidate.

Jeremy Eltz actively listened to my community concerns. Jeremy’s a family man and Ph.D. educator who wants to represent all people across the political spectrum in the Southeast District.

I hope my Republican friends in the Southeast District will consider putting the person over the party when they vote in the upcoming general election.

Mike Kuhfeld, Carmel