Carmel couple opens The Rejoicing Vine winery in north Indy


Carmel couple Brent and Frances Kumfer on June 24 opened The Rejoicing Vine winery, which specializes in using regenerative and sustainable farming practices to create sparkling wine, at 8440 W. 82nd St. in Indianapolis.

Brent Kumfer said regenerative farming is a method of nurturing land in a way that it becomes naturally rich in nutrients. Cover cropping, for example, is used for plant protection and soil improvement.

CIC DOUGH 0718 Rejoicing Vine 1
From left, The Rejoicing Vine owners Frances and Brent Kumfer. (Photo courtesy of Brent Kumfer)

“Rather than the plants having bare dirt under them, we’ll have plant life underneath the vines,” he said. “When you build a healthy soil, you build a healthy plant.”

This farming method leads to growing plants that are more resistant to diseases and mining their own nutrients without the need of chemicals.

Complementing the Kumfers’ farming practices is their preference for sourcing locally grown produce to minimize the amount of greenhouse gases emitted.

“You’re not going to find wines from California, Oregon or Washington,” Frances Kumfer said.

Brent Kumfer said the winery’s featured wine is the Regenerative Rosé.

“Our Regenerative Rosé is a bottle fermented rosé,” Brent Kumfer said. “It’s similar to how champagne is made. We take a still stable wine called a cuvée and we add sugar and another culture of yeast that we developed. It creates a little more alcohol but more importantly, more bubbles.”

Customers can purchase bottled wine or enjoy a glass in one of the store’s lounging areas. They can sample flavors in the tasting room or visit the bar for a toast and learn about regenerative winemaking. The Rejoicing Vine also has outdoor patio seating.

With their wine customers can enjoy cheese and crackers from Tulip Tree Company, a local company. The Kumfers plan to add in-house food prep to their operations soon as well.

Frances Kumfer said Rejoicing Vine welcomes families with children and that there are options for those who do not drink alcohol.

“Our hope is through wine we can have conversations with people and connect them with their community,” Brent Kumfer said.  “It’s important to know who your food is grown.”

The Rejoicing Vine’s operating hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 2 to 8 p.m. Learn more at