Letter: Resident supports Stehr for mayor



Signs are popping up all over Zionsville. The engagement in our upcoming mayoral election is encouraging. Two admirable people have stepped forward, and citizens of Zionsville can be certain that our next mayor will be a positive role model.

As a consultant in the HR space, one of the things I do is to help differentiate candidates for roles in organizations. What is the value added? Why choose one over the other? Which “good” is better? John Stehr is the mayor Zionsville needs now. In recent candidate forums and on social media, John has articulated his vision for Zionsville with enthusiasm and detail. He will bring stature and recognition to our community, and his superior communication skills will be valuable assets in building regional relationships and establishing positive momentum in our local government.

I am voting for John Stehr for Zionsville mayor, and I hope you’ll join me.

Amy Connelly. Zionsville