QC Kinetix opens regenerative medicine clinic in Carmel


QC Kinetix, which specializes in natural healing, has opened a clinic in Carmel at 13450 N. Meridian St. Suite 244. The franchise is co-owned by Mike Sample and Drew White.

Medical technicians at QC Kinetix practice regenerative medicine, using only what occurs naturally in the body to help relieve pain.

“All we do is concentrate those ingredients in a centrifuge, isolate them from the rest of the plasma and other stuff that your body doesn’t need,” Sample said. “We concentrate (it) and put it exactly where your body is asking.”

According to Sample, when the body suffers an injury, its natural response is to call healing agents such as proteins, blood platelets and stem cells to the injured area.

“That’s how your body goes about healing itself,” Sample said.

QC Kinetix has used natural healing to help patients get relief from pain in the knees, shoulders and other joints. It can also help regrow hair.

Natural healing has been around in other nations for decades, Sample said, and in the U.S. it is being adopted more often as patients see its effectiveness.

In addition to the Carmel location, Sample and White own QC Kinetix clinics in Greenwood and Eagle Highlands in Indianapolis.

Learn more at qckinetix.com/indianapolis/carmel.