Letter: Cancel culture at CCS?



In 2020, I founded Corpus Christi for Unity and Peace (CUP) with a mission to safeguard the dignity of the human person. CUP is concerned with CCS’ academic decline, lack of transparency and reluctance to protect parental rights. CUP scheduled a “coffee with the superintendent” based on Dr. Michael Beresford’s desire to “build a stronger community” and “forge community connections.”

In mid-March 2023, Dr. Beresford canceled the meeting with CUP. The district’s unjustifiable reason (given in an email): “my close ties to Moms for Liberty.” This is after canceling with Moms for Liberty! This is highly discriminatory! CUP has no affiliation with Moms for Liberty, other than I have personally supported the group. Incidentally, what is wrong with Moms for Liberty, other than its fervent belief in parental rights?

By canceling this meeting, Dr. Beresford violates his own guiding principles to maintain transparency and community involvement and what he espouses, which is to be inclusive. Is he anti-Catholic? Is he against organizations that embrace freedom and parental rights?

It would behoove school officials to realize they are beholden to their communities that fund schools.

If Dr. Beresford is concerned about Moms for Liberty’s activism or he opposes Catholics, then the most productive way to address this is engaging the groups through dialogue and acting in parents’ interests. Canceling meetings with the groups will only fracture our community further, and it proves that Dr. Beresford’s care for the citizens of Carmel is superficial.

Vicki Yamasaki, Carmel, founder of Corpus Christi for Unity and Peace