Oaklandon fourth-grader wins American Legion flag contest


Oaklandon Elementary School fourth-grader Felix Anglin truly embraced the American Legion Flag Education Test Program.

Anglin won his school’s competition, then the district and state completion for fourth-graders.

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“Felix took a deep interest in the history of the American flag and how it evolved to what we have seen for years,” said Doug Price, Anglin’s teacher in the Lawrence Township school district. “He found the details in the history fascinating. He learned that our country’s symbol of pride did not just start with Betsy Ross sewing a flag, but it was rooted in sacrifice, responsibility of its citizens and freedom.”

Price said neither he nor any other school officials had any input with the essay.

“I do know that in the essay that Felix wrote, he discussed what the American flag means to him when he sees it,” Price said. “His sense of pride in those who fought for freedom, especially those from his family that served in the military (was reflected). He also spoke of civic responsibility to care and display the flag properly and how the history of our nation helped make this symbol a call to patriotism and belief in freedom and the rights and responsibilities that go with it.”

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Oaklandon Elementary School fourth-grader Felix Anglin captured the state’s American Legion Flag Education Test Program competition. (Photo courtesy of Doug Price)

Anglin, who turns 10 March 5, originally took the test and wrote the essay in November 2022. He moved up the levels of competition until he was chosen the state winner in January. Price said he understands that Anglin will read the essay in April at the American Legion State Conference in Indianapolis.

Anglin said his interest started with the looks of the flag,

“I always thought it was interesting there with 13 stripes and 50 stars,” Anglin said. “I found that fascinating and that’s how it started. When I found we were doing the test, I thought it was cool and decided to study really hard. The words came to me and flowed together.”

Anglin was surprised he won the competition.

“I thought there were going to be so many other people who had a better essay than me,” he said. “I guess I summarized everything they wanted.”

Price said Anglin is a well-rounded student.

“He is truly one of the best citizens of Oaklandon Elementary and represents our school well,” Price said. “His sincere kindness and welcoming attitude is contagious. He enjoys learning about history, myths and legends and is a big fan of the Percy Jackson book series.”

Anglin is writing a book called “Captain Underworld” about mythological gods Loki and Hermes.

“My friends will help me add some illustrations,” Anglin said.