Stein seeks Zionsville at-large seat


Republican candidate Joe Stein recently announced he will run for one of the two at-large seats on the Zionsville Town Council in the May 2 primary election.

Incumbent Republicans Alex Choi and Brad Burk recently withdrew their names from the ballot, leaving both at-large seats available. Burk is now running for the District 5 seat. Two remaining candidates filed for at-large seats: Republican Evan M. Norris and Democrat Amanda Rubeck.

“Both of the other candidates have different skills to offer, but I believe that my service to the community of Zionsville is proven, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve again,” Stein said. “I was excited to run against so many great people and was surprised to see that people dropped out, but I believe the town will see my record and stand with me.”

CIZ COM 0228 Stein

Stein said he supports working together on realistic agendas that are deliverable to the town.

“I won’t make any promises I cannot keep,” he said. “With that said, I will work tirelessly to be the best council member possible by lending my skills in accounting to the budget process as I strive to keep the town moving forward in a positive direction, leaving the town better than I found it, just like I did on the Zionsville school board.” Stein, a Zionsville resident for 31 years, said he is not running for town council with an agenda to change the town.

“I am always in favor of transparency with the community by speaking with and listening to taxpayers and working with my colleagues to implement changes that the group sees as beneficial to our town,” he said.

Stein, 56, is a graduate of Indiana University. He has a degree in accounting and is a CPA. He was the CFO of Taft Law Firm for 15 years and is now the CFO of Ideal Food Group, a family-owned regional Wholesale Food Distributor. Stein also owns Backroads BBQ in Lebanon, a Texas-style barbeque restaurant.

Stein has nearly 20 years of experience leading youth groups at his church, Zionsville Fellowship, and served two terms on the Zionsville school board, including his last two years as president. Stein also partners for Moody’s Butcher Shop in Zionsville and owns several other small businesses.

Stein said his corporate accounting experience would help him in office if elected.

“I am very qualified to understand good financial stewardship,” Stein said. “As a former CPA for many years, I am experienced in taking on the legislative and financial aspects of the town as I know firsthand how to handle the challenges of budget constraints successfully.”

Stein and his wife Donna have been married for 34 years.

“I believe the town council fits my strengths, and I will be thankful to serve such a great town,” Stein said.