Carmel author’s book highlights silver linings 

CIC COM 1227 Persinger Book Headshot
Deanne Persinger

An annual weekend scrapbooking session catching up with friends gave Carmel author Deanne Persinger the idea for her book, “Seeking the Silver Lining: Finding Fortune in Misfortune.”

 “Five years ago, when we were together, we noted that many of us had terrible events or illnesses in our families over the past year. My friend, Jill, started asking with each complicated story, ‘What was the blessing in that?’” Persinger said. “We began to brainstorm together to find the good that came from the adversity we faced. It got me thinking after our time together about how good it was to point out the positives in our hardships so we cannot get stuck in a negative mindset about what we have endured.” 

Persinger decided to try to write stories along those lines. When she told a friend about her potential project, the friend asked if she could share her story with Persinger.

 “And that is how it started,” Persinger said. 

She began to spread the word on social media that she was looking for stories of finding the silver lining. She began to sit down with people at local coffee shops to hear their stories.

“I only got about 10 stories done when COVID hit. I thought my book would never get finished because I would no longer be able to meet people to hear their stories,” she said. “Then along came Zoom and the world opened up to me. I posted once again on my social media and did interviews with people from all over the United States and one from England. That was a huge silver lining in the pandemic for me.” 

The book was completed in November 2021 and published in October. Persinger hopes the book will allow readers to look for the good in their own challenges.

“When you can do this, you can move from a mindset of heartache and despair to hope,” she said. “I also want readers to empathize with what others around us may be facing at any time.”

“Seeking the Silver Lining: Finding Fortune in Misfortune” retails for $19.99 in paperback and $9.99 for the eBook and is available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, I-tunes and Cokesbury.