Something Splendid opens in Westfield


Something Splendid started with three Carmel residents who had a passion for gift giving.

The business was started online in 2019 by sisters Erynn and Elyse Petruzzi and their longtime friend, Allison Pirtle. The Petruzzi sisters are Carmel High School graduates, while Pirtle is a Hamilton Southeastern graduate.

With the success of the online gift box operation, Something Splendid opened its store Nov. 17 at 217 Mill St. in Westfield.

CIW COM 1220 something splendid2
From left, Something Splendid owners Elyse Petruzzi, Erynn Petruzzi and Allison Pirtle. (Photo courtesy of Erynn Petruzzii)

“We knew we wanted to open a retail shop and having really close ties to Westfield through our parents — and my uncles all own businesses in Westfield —  we started looking,” Elyse said. “This is actually a house in the downtown part of Westfield. We knew this would be the perfect location.”

Elyse said when the house became available, the trio purchased it and spent a year-and-a-half renovating it with the garage being built into a warehouse for production.

“It was amazing to watch this transformation,” she said.

The business started as creating gift boxes. However, Erynn said while people can come in and buy gifts for any occasion, they can also buy items themselves for home decor.

“We build the store with the premise of just having a gift shop for gifts for any season,” Elyse said. “We have three facets of the gift shop. You can come in and buy one item. We’ve got gift boxes that are already built for many different reasons.”

Elyse said the business has holiday boxes available, in addition to boxes for birthdays, that can be purchased.

“Then we have a section of the store where anyone can come in and build their own gift box. We can ship it, or they can go home with it that day,” she said.

Elyse said the online business has been busy year-round, but the Christmas season is the busiest with a lot of corporate gifts.

The store is open from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and most Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays. The business plans to have a grand opening sometime in March 2023.

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