City of Westfield OKs funds for public safety building designs


City officials in Westfield have approved appropriating more than $495,000 for design work tied to a new fire station and police headquarters.

Westfield City Council members voted 6-1 to appropriate $495,416, a majority of which will go toward schematic design services for police department headquarters. City Councilman Mike Johns was the lone vote against the spending.

The city approved appropriating $420,416 for the police department, while the remaining $75,000 will go toward preliminary design services for the proposed Station 84 building. The police department has indicated it was too early in the process for questions regarding the police headquarters, city spokesman Chris Proffitt said.

It remains unclear where the building would be located. Officials also declined to answer whether the city has land designated for the project, the estimated costs and how the city would pay for it.

Meanwhile, the fire department is exploring land in the area of 191st Street between U.S. 31 and Tomlinson Road for Station 84. A statement from the fire department indicated that continued demand and growth in Westfield is driving the need for the project.

The fire department hasn’t determined cost projections for the project at this time, but hope to open the building in 2025, officials said.