Letter: Republican silence speaks volumes



Hoosier Republican leaders have no moral backbone and do not deserve to retain their positions of power and trust.

Where is their outrage or calls for action against former President Donald Trump’s theft and improper storage of federal documents; his illegal attempts to flip a free, safe, honest election; his complete denigration of the FBI?

The Republican leadership of this very red state has been silent. Gov. Holcomb? Silent. U.S, Sens. Todd Young and Mike Braun? Silent. U.S. Rep. Victoria Spartz? Silent. Local Carmel Republicans? Silent.

My dear old mother used to say, “Silence means consent.”

This silence of Indiana Republican leadership means they consent to and condone Trump’s illegal, immoral actions. I urge Indiana voters to remember this lack of backbone this fall when we have the opportunity to cast our votes.

Will Weprich, Carmel