Carmel theater’s new mural full of catitude


By Taylor Dixon

The Cat theater in Carmel will soon be the site of an eye-catching new mural.

The theater at 254 Veterans Way in Carmel opened in 2017 and founding Artist Director Will Wood wanted the outside of the building to reflect its eccentric vibes.

So, Wood decided to commission an artist to paint cats being walked to pay homage to the theater’s name and catch the community’s attention.

“You hear all about dog walkers, but you never hear about cat walkers, because being a cat walker is virtually impossible,” Wood said, laughing.

The mural is being painted by local artist Briget Carroll. The Cat discovered Carroll and her art through a connection with her uncle and local comedian, Dave Dugan.

Through the mural, Carroll combines her love of cats and art to make Woods’ vision a reality. Painting started in mid-May, and Wood and Carroll are looking to unveil the finished product around the first of June.

The mural takes up a nearly 12-by-40-foot wall on the side of the building. It also features an interactive element that allows passersby to hold a leash to walk cats of various personalities. Wood said he hopes it will become a place people stop and take pictures.

“It’s just one more place for people to say, ‘Hey, this is my fun city of Carmel. This is a fun theater,’” Wood said. “Nobody takes themselves too seriously at our theater. We’re just there to make people’s dreams come true as far as putting art on the stage.”