Carmel pediatrician’s formula drive connects infants with needed nutrition


By Chris Bavender

A Carmel pediatrician has put out the call for infant formula donations as stock remains in low supply at stores. Dr. Risa Davidson started the donation drive in mid-May.

“I have the platform (as a local pediatrician on social media) and resources to do it. I am a safe place for families to do formula drop offs/pickups, so they are not traveling to other people’s homes,” Davidson said. “I also have the ability to make time for this based on the concept of my small practice.”

The need for formula among Davidson’s patients at Little Village Pediatrics is high.

“Formula need does not discriminate with anyone. Anyone with a child under 1 year of age is feeling the stress and strain,” she said. “I give out as much as I can every day.”

Davidson said the shortage is frustrating and something she’s never seen in her 13-year career in pediatrics.

“This is food for infants. This is a requirement, not a luxury item,” she said. “This should never happen in this country. It is eye opening and scary, and hopefully this opens the door for more opportunities for formula makers here as well.”

Another frustration is hearing from her patients and seeing social media stories about women who have driven to stores that have formula only to encounter empty shelves when they arrive.

“This is actually part of the reason I started this formula drive. I noticed this on Facebook groups a lot. People are driving all over the city, especially with gas prices this is crazy, and they get there, and the formula is gone,” she said. “So here if I tell you I have formula for you, it is here when you get here. I do not give it to someone else, it is reserved for you, so there are no worries about it being gone or taken off a shelf. It is also free from here. Nobody is paying me for this formula that they get.”

Davidson said donations have been “fantastic.”

“It comes in, and then I email people who have requested it, match them up and done,” she said. “This is open to anyone and everyone. You do not have to be a part of my practice to donate or pick up formula.”

To learn more, or to donate or to pick up formula, email Davidson at [email protected].