Letter: New Tomorrow leader ‘likes to fight’



Thank you for the updates on Unify Carmel and its rebranded name of New Tomorrow. The information provided by Current would not be known by most Carmel residents if it weren’t for your reporting.

Your article prompted me to explore “The Worthy House” website run by New Tomorrow’s chairperson, Charles Haywood. In addition to the information provided by Current, I also noted Mr. Haywood’s bio says “he desires comity but realizes, despite being a practicing and believing Christian, that ultimately no final question can be solved without conflict, usually involving violence. Thus, his style tends to be megalomaniacal and apocalyptic. He likes to fight.” His quotes, not mine.

I love the passion, Mr. Haywood, but it looks like we are in for another round of grandstanding, self-promotion and personal indulgence, just like with Unify Carmel. Don’t let the squeaky wheel get the grease, folks. And in this case, don’t let the mob with the pitchforks and rifles run over the rest of us putting in the hard work to improve our community through civil means. What’s the matter, Mr. Haywood, have we become too modern, cultured and progressive for your violent tendencies?

Kristen Belcredi, Carmel