Zionsville Town Council passes first vote on historical preservation commission


The Zionsville Town Council met April 11 to hold a first hearing on the establishment of a historical preservation commission, consider additional funding for the Zionsville Parks and Recreation Dept., approve raising the total amount of American Rescue Plan Act funds available for premium pay stipends and amend the town’s salary ordinance to allow for the ARPA funds to be paid to public safety workers.

What happened: The council held a first hearing to establish a historical preservation commission. The first hearing of the ordinance was passed 5-2. The second hearing was calendared for the May 9 meeting.

What it means: A historical preservation commission would deal in regulatory ordinances regarding historical structures in Zionsville.


What happened: The council unanimously approved raising the total funds available for ARPA’s premium pay stipends for public safety employees to $700,000.

What it means: Although the total cost to provide all eligible public safety employees premium pay stipends through ARPA is $641,355, the council raised the figure to make funds readily available for any eligible employee who might have been overlooked.


What happened: The council unanimously passed an amendment to the town’s salary ordinance to allow eligible public safety employees to receive ARPA premium pay stipends.

What it means: Without the amendment, the salary ordinance wouldn’t allow eligible public safety employees the premium pay stipends through ARPA. This was simply an amendment to allow the money to be paid to those employees.


What happened: The council re-calendared an additional appropriation request from the Zionsville Parks and Recreation Dept. until the meeting on April 18.

What it means: Although some councilors are hesitant to spend money because of the lack of financial information they have received from the mayor’s administration, they want to push back the vote on the request until they have more financial information.