Haberman to run for Noblesville Schools Board


By Chris Bavender 

Noblesville Assistant Director of Economic Development Chuck Haberman has announced his intent to run for the Noblesville Schools Board.

“I’ve worked closely with school systems in my professional life from a workforce development and talent pipeline perspective, so I know that giving students the opportunities to explore and engage career paths early is crucial,” Haberman said. “On a more personal level, my daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall and my son will be starting in a couple of years, so the future of the system is important to me.”

Haberman said if elected, his willingness to listen to different perspectives and work constructively to keep Noblesville Schools one of the best school systems in the state will benefit the community.

“I also bring an eagerness and openness to learn,” he said.

Giving students the opportunity to explore careers and understand how going into a certain field can shape their lives is important to Haberman.

“I switched majors three times, dropped out of college twice and spent eight years in the Marine Corps before I realized my purpose and what I needed to do to build the career I wanted, but that doesn’t make me unsuccessful,” he said. “Kids in high school are under immense pressure from their peers, parents, teachers, counselors, etc., to get into college straight out of high school. That puts a lot of unnecessary stress on students even before high school.

“My hope is we can start to shift that mentality and give students the opportunities to better understand careers earlier in school.”

Haberman said the cornerstone of a solid workforce foundation is the K-12 education system.

“There are many different occupations, industries and people that make up a community’s workforce. The K-12 education system helps to prepare students how to learn new skills by teaching them how to read, write, do mathematics, etc.,” Haberman said. “Those basic skills serve as a foundation for individuals to build their career and contribute to the community.”

For more, visit Haberman’s Facebook page at facebook.com/Chuck-Haberman-for-Noblesville-School-Board-104645455496138 or email [email protected].