Column: Purchase art you like


I’m curious: How do you buy art? Is it intentional and with a purpose, or driven by emotion and impromptu? Sure, it can be a little intimidating. Hint: Purchase what you like, and you will not regret it.

Purchasing art while traveling or at local art fairs is a prevailing trend among friends. The Carmel International Arts Festival was mentioned several times, as were a few of the proprietary galleries on the main streets of Carmel, Zionsville and Fishers. 

My wife, Kim, and I are famous for emotional buying while traveling. But it would require a few columns to properly relive that addiction and crazy stories. Most still hang on our walls after 38 years, although a few reside elsewhere. 

Buy real art

Heather Ward Miles, a thriving Carmel artist, emphasizes buying real art. In fact, she has edgy stickers proclaiming “BUY REAL ART” that are handed out freely in her studio. We share a common frustration of folks buying pieces of art that are not real/original. Of course, there are valid reasons to do that, but often for a similar price point, an original painting can be yours.

The beauty of real art is that it can immediately give a room or home a “presence” and set a mood. Real art can be more reflective of the owners’ personality and make a statement. Just sayin’.

Miles taught visual art at Crispus Attucks High School for 16 years and began painting professionally in 2018. She describes her work as abstract contemporary with a connection to the universe. It’s certainly joyful and uplifting. Most pieces are mixed media with a strong preference toward acrylic. Several of my friends own her work, and after visiting her studio, I know why.

Life is short. Drink the wine. Eat the cake. Buy the art.