Opinion: Money can’t buy happiness?


I’m conflicted, friends. My need for alone time is currently duking it out with my frugal nature, and I’m not sure which side will emerge victorious. Here’s the skinny:

My husband, Doo, has had a boys ski trip on the books for a while, which means I’ve also had plans. Specifically, a beautiful, lazy weekend of single living, with no demands, no sleep interruptions and no empty milk cartons left inexplicably on the kitchen counter right above the actual trash can. I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

All began well. Doo left the house early for his flight, and though he woke me in the process, I easily fell back to sleep dreaming of the quiet morning that lie ahead. I eventually got up, made coffee and began an intriguing expert-level sudoku puzzle. Alas, those would be the only precious moments I’d enjoy. Doo called to say he’d been bumped and was heading home, but that he’d been compensated almost $1,000. So, just as my heart sank into disappointment, my forever-concerned-with-money brain was like, “Yeah, baby! Make it rain!”

Hence, my internal conflict. I really wanted some space. I love Doo, but as most of you with longtime partners know, periodic separations are tremendously important. And now, he’s sitting across from me on the couch talking loudly amid the various detritus of his life. On the other hand, his ski trip was expensive, and with his new travel vouchers, we’ll be able to cover the cost of an already-committed-to family wedding this summer.

So, yeah, I’m conflicted. A surprise temporary perdition versus an unexpected cash boon. Might be a draw.

Peace out.