Meet Boone County sheriff candidates Harris and Pell


With Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen leaving office at the end of his term because of term limits, Boone County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy-Colonel Tony Harris and Deputy Scott Pell are vying for the office on the Republican ticket. The primary is May 3, and the general election is Nov. 8.

Harris and Pell recently answered the following questions for Current.

CIZ COM 0125 Harris Sheriff
Tony Harris

Name: Tony Harris

Age: 50


Union Elementary and Pleasant View Elementary in Zionsville, Cypress Lake High School, Edison Community College and Franklin College.


Chief deputy-colonel, Boone County Sheriff’s Office

City of residence:


Immediate family: 

Wife, Chastity; children, Cale, Lilly, Abbie and Grady

Previous political experience: 

Serves as a vice precinct committeeman for the Boone County Republican Party. Also serves as the acting sheriff in the absence of Sheriff Mike Nielsen

Why do you want to run for office? 

“I believe I have the knowledge, experience and leadership through my advances within the sheriff’s office to be your next sheriff.”

What are the top three issues your campaign will focus on? 

1. We will continue to focus on crime data and pinpoint on where it’s occurring to solve crimes faster.

2. We are working with those inmates wanting to change their lives with our classes throughout our jail. Currently working on programs to get them jobs once they leave to further bring down our recidivism rate.

3. Our Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigation unit is something we have implemented recently. With so many of our children on the internet daily, we wish to continue to protect them against predators.

What other organizations are you involved with?

Masons, member of the Charles Frank Lodge in Zionsvillle. Kiwanis Club member of Lebanon. Served as an assistant den leader of the Cub Scouts.

Something most people don’t know about you:

“I’m a huge Elvis Presley fan and I have Texas Longhorn cattle.”

Something you want people to know about you:

“I take pride in watching our community grow and change for the better because it really means something to me. I not only want to keep watching it flourish but also want to continue to be an active part of the positive change.”

Website or best way for voters to reach you: 

Personal email is [email protected], personal cell 765-481-4044

scott pell for sheriff 1

Name: Scott Pell

Age: 55 years old


Lebanon High School Class of 1984, graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1990,


Senior patrol deputy

City of residence:


Immediate Family:

Wife: Helen Marie Pell, married over 29 years. Daughtern Olivia Pell, 27; granddaughter, Callie, 22 months old; and son, Jacob, 24

Previous political experience:

Serves as the elected Perry Township Precinct committeeman

Why do you want to run for office?

“Recently, there seems to be some fracturing among Boone County law enforcement agencies. I want to rebuild a positive, cohesive relationship between the sheriff’s office and other Boone County agencies. I believe it will benefit all law enforcement agencies, and the citizens of Boone County, if we adopt a team aspect.”

What are the top three issues your campaign will focus on?

1. Eliminating excessive spending of tax dollars by evaluating what we need versus what we want.

2. Drug issues, specifically the opioid epidemic.

3. Continuing to hire the best candidates to serve the people of Boone County and retaining the officers we have using fairness and strong leadership principles.

What other organizations are you involved with?

Past member of F&AM Boone Lodge number 9, the American Legion. I have coached T-ball, softbal and baseball.

Something most people do not know about you:

“I built three successful businesses from the ground up. Although they were profitable, I abandoned them to work at the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.”

Something you want people to know about you:

“I am not a politician, nor on a power trip to advance my own interests. I understand how important this job is. It must be done using leadership, a level head, and the ability to balance multiple tangibles that affect many people. I take that responsibility seriously. I will never claim to have every answer, but I will find the best answer or solution to each problem with the team I build.”

Website or best way for voters to reach you:

Phone: 317-223-7494

Facebook: Pell For Sheriff