Westfield couple builds snow dinosaur

CIW COM 0222 snow dinosaur
Adam and Jessica Nowak stand in front of their snow dinosaur. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Nowak)

The February snowstorm may have caused an inconvenience to some people, but for Westfield residents Jessica and Adam Nowak, it was an opportunity.

The married couple got creative with the large amount of snow in their yard by building an 8-foot snow dinosaur.

Jessica said she and her husband worked on the dinosaur for four hours a day over the course of three days.

“We had a storage container we packed with snow and then we stuck up a bunch of cubes and made this huge pile and started to carve it out with shovels and garden spades,” she said.

Originally, the snow creation was supposed to be a dog.

“That was our first thought of what to do, but once we had the pile and we started to carve it out, it looked like it would be a very fat dog,” Jessica said. “So, we stood back and thought, what else could this be? And it just had the shape of an elephant or a dinosaur. The dinosaur seemed liked the easier way to go.”

Adam is 6-6, and the dinosaur towers over him. Both Nowaks are dentists. They live in the Maple Knoll neighborhood.

Jessica said she doesn’t have experience sculpting massive figures out of snow, but her husband does.

“When he was in college, he built a 12-foot snowman,” she said. “We got all that snow so quickly and we were both home from work on Friday, and the fact that the snow fell on a weekend and we had an extra day and nowhere to go, it was perfect timing to go out there and build something.”

The dinosaur started to fall apart Feb. 8.