Carmel Clay Schools aims to keep kids in classrooms during COVID surge


The Carmel Clay Schools board of trustees held its first meeting of 2022 on Jan. 10 to hear an update on COVID-19 cases in the district, appoint officers for the year, set school board salaries and more.

What happened: Supt. Michael Beresford provided an update on COVID-19 cases among CCS students and staff.

What it means: As expected, reported COVID-19 cases have increased during the first week back in school, which has been a common trend after school breaks during the pandemic, Beresford said. Despite the rising cases, Beresford said CCS does not plan to return to virtual learning and that the district’s mask policy will remain in place.

What’s next: Beresford said he is hopeful, based on trends elsewhere, that cases will soon plateau and begin to decline.


What happened: The school board selected officers for 2022.

What it means: Katie Browning is the new president, Louise Jackson is the vice president and Jennifer Nelson-Williams is the secretary.

What’s next: The terms last through the end of the year.


What happened: The school board set the annual salary for school board members at $2,000 per year.

What it means: The $2,000 salary is the maximum allowed by state law and has been the salary for CCS school board members for many years. The CCS school board members have chosen not to receive stipends for attending board meetings, which are permitted by state law up to $112 per meeting.