Snapshot: Fishers celebrates Veterans Day


In September 1862, soldiers in the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment discovered a copy of General Robert E. Lee’s Special Orders No. 191, also known as the Lost Order. These orders were addressed to Lieutenant General D. H. Hill and explained the disposition of Robert E. Lee’s forces, then invading Maryland. Corporal Barton Warren Mitchell was among those who found the Order.

The discovery prompted Union General George B. McClellan to move into action against the Rebels. This led to the bloodiest single day in the Civil War, the Battle of Antietam.

U.S. Senator for Indiana Todd Young opened his speech at the Fishers Veterans Day Ceremony on Nov. 11 with a short recollection of Mitchell’s story, highlighting this Hoosier’s vital role in helping change the course of American history, just simply by “doing his duty.”

“They’ve given so much, let us never grow ungrateful,” Young said.

Commander El Ahlwardt, U.S. Navy Retired, led the ceremony and guided those in attendance through the featured speakers and performances by Fishers Junior High School Choir.

Led by Cindy Baney, the Fishers Junior High School Choir opened with the Star-Spangled Banner. The choir later sang the Armed Forces Medley and veterans were recognized during their branch’s theme.

The choir closed with an original song, “Honor” written by Baney. As she introduced the song, she choked up speaking about how she had written the song for her late veteran father. The performance followed with a standing ovation.

“It was so touching, I thought they did a great job,” Amie Lieurance, a parent of a seventh grader, said about the choir’s performance. “Every song gave me tears. It was a wonderful way to respect our veterans.”

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness passed out veteran pins to veterans in attendance, as a special way for the city of Fishers to recognize their service.

“Being a veteran, it means a lot to me that there is an appreciation for what we do. We’re not looking for honor or anything, we were just doing our job and serving our country,” U.S. Navy Reserve veteran Mel Carpenter said.