Blessing Box at St. Christopher’s offers food, hygiene items for those in need


By Isabella Simons

A Boy Scout project has turned into a resource to help those in need in the community.

A Blessing Box, installed as part of an Eagle Scout project, has been installed at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, 1402 W. Main St., in Carmel. It is stocked with food, diapers and sanitary products available to anyone in need.

“We originally just put food in the box, but our priest thought to put diapers in the box,” said Sue Blase, parish nurse at St. Christopher’s. “It’s got diapers, rice cereal for the little ones, but we plan on more baby products and any hygiene products.”

Blase said church members added sanitary pads to the box when they realized they are not covered by food stamps. They’ve also added soaps and lotions.

Donations can be made directly into the box or through the office at St. Christopher’s. Clothing donations also are welcome.

“It shows the community that people care for each other, and people are trying to make people feel supported,” Blase said.

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