Mt. Vernon Community School Corp. receives grant to establish Digital Learning Pathway program


Mt. Vernon Community School Corp. was recently named a recipient of the Digital Capacity Building Grant from the Indiana Dept. of Education. MCVSV created a professional development program with the grant called the Digital Learning Pathway.

The Digital Learning Pathway program is designed to aid educators in developing and translating in-person teaching and learning best practices for use in blended and virtual classrooms.

The pathway has six modules that articulate a common vision to create a personalized and engaging learning environment for students.

Through the DLP program, teachers learn how to create a space where all learners can do their best, such as changing the style of notes and giving options based on what works best for the individual student.

“I would say the biggest change for me has been a focus on the accessibility of lessons and digital materials. I have always thought about accessibility in my classroom, but the DLC Pathway has helped me to think about it in the digital context as well,” Mt. Vernon High School science teacher Jamie Wilson stated. “The DLP Pathway allows you to think about things in your classroom that you may not always consider: accessibility, building relationships in the digital space, using assessments as feedback, etc.”

McCordsville Elementary third-grade teacher Anya Stover said the Digital Learning Pathway reminded her of the importance of accessibility.

“There are many simple features that can be used on the students’ Chromebooks to help students, such as making the cursor larger, select to speak, color contrast and the snap and read feature was beneficial for my low readers. I learned that creating a safe environment virtually is just as important as the physical one,” Stover stated.

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