‘Why Westfield’ presentation designed to increase commercial real estate


A real estate presentation and panel discussion will address the topic of “Why Westfield.”

The objective of the Oct. 11 event at Westfield’s Grand Park Events Center is to attract more commercial real estate to the city.

“We know Westfield is an ideal place for business and development,” said Michelle Krcmery, who is in the business relations department with the City of Westfield. “We’re sharing that message with the broader community, particularly people in the real estate community.”

CIW COM 1005 why westfield

A real estate presentation and panel discussion will be from 3 to 5 p.m., followed by a cocktail reception and networking session from 5 to 7 p.m.

“We’ll be sharing information about current development as well as the opportunities that exist for future development and business,” Krcmery said. “We’re an area with low taxes, low crime. We want to show the selling points from Westfield compared to some of our neighbors, so that creates an opportunity for certain types of development.”

There will be a community investor panel, which will include Westfield Mayor Andy Cook, and a developer panel.

“The community investor panel includes people who have already committed to locating here in Westfield or are already here,” Krcmery said

The investment panel members are Traci Dossett, chief operating officer, SEP; Larry Gray, chief executive officer, IMMI; and Tim Hartman, site director at Abbott.

“We’ll learn from them firsthand why their team chose Westfield over the other communities that were being considered,” Krcmery said.  “I think hearing from them will be interesting for people.”

The real estate developers panel will share information on their current projects. Panel members are Pat Chittenden, Patch Development; Birch Dalton EdgeRock Development; Justin Moffett, Old Town Companies; and Chris Wilkes, Holladay Properties.

“We’re hoping that spurs ideas about what else they can be doing here and how they can partner up with existing developers that have opportunity within them,” Krcmery said. “It’s open to anyone from the real estate or business community that wants to attend. We’ve had a really good response, especially once we released the specifics of the program and the speaker lineup.”

The event requires reservations so that the number of attendees can be monitored.

For more, visit westfieldworks.com/why-westfield-2021.