Letter: Withdrawing financial support from Palladium in response to new policies 



It is with great regret that I turned in my tickets for the ‘21-‘22 season at the Palladium. My husband and I have enjoyed many shows over the years.

The Center has dictated a new policy that impacts all three sites. Masks are required for children 3 and up and all visitors must show proof of vaccination status. If unvaccinated, patrons must produce a digital proof of a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to the event. Additionally, some performers may require additional restrictions.

As a community we can effect change by saying no and withdrawing financial support.

These draconian measures are without precedent and violate our constitutional rights.

We the people need to stand up against the erosion of our freedoms. If we fail to take a stand this overreach will never end.

I choose to live freely and without fear.

Mary Poulin, Carmel