Column: Good things can come in small packages


Commentary by Bill Bernard

Nothing beats relaxing or entertaining in an incredible outdoor living space. Through the years, certain expectations have been taken for granted as necessary ingredients for better design outcomes. One such expectation is that outdoor living spaces must be expansive in order to live luxuriously. Not every backyard has limitless space with which to play.

Not ones to be stifled by stale conventions, we strive to make the most of every opportunity for thoughtful design. In this instance in the photo, the challenge was to take a relatively small outdoor space and make it live large. Sometimes, size doesn’t matter.

Packed within this petite patio we’ve incorporated an upperlevel deck with seating at a bar counter as well as an adjacent conversational seating area. Stepping down to the atgrade patio we’ve created a grilling area that lets the bar counter serve doubleduty as a buffet counter when needed. The patio area also includes a fire feature with a view to the river beyond. The materials include composite decking, roughsawn cedar and travertine pavers. The brightly colored furniture and area rug complement one another and the surrounding materials. Helping define the various areas are a series of lushly planted containers.

Good things can come in small packages.

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