Young Carmel actor gets voice role in ‘Sharkdog’


Liam Mitchell performs in a TV series in the comfort of his Carmel home.

Mitchell plays the boy, Max, who finds “Sharkdog,” a half dog, half shark, in an animated series of shorts produced by Nickelodeon. It debuts Sept. 3 on Netflix.

Mitchell, who is in the seventh grade at St. Louis de Montfort in Fishers, was cast in the series after participating in a summer camp in Ohio in 2019.

The camp was hosted by Greg James, who has many connections in the talent industry in Los Angeles.

“At the end of the camp, he flies out managers, casting directors and agents from Los Angeles,” Mitchell said. “The kids put on a showcase, and after the showcase the managers, agents and directors may offer to sign you. I had several offers at the end but ended up selecting The Savage Agency and Heyman Talent.”

Mitchell is represented by the Savage Agency in Los Angles for his role in “Sharkdog.” The agent sends Mitchell auditions, which he does by tape. He was offered the role on ‘Sharkdog’ in November 2020 and started working on it shortly thereafter.

“Nickelodeon sends me everything I need to record,” Mitchell said. “My dad built a recording studio in a closet in our basement. I work once a week for about 2 to 3 hours. I get on a Zoom with the sound team in L.A. and I record my lines with them.”

Mitchell has recorded 20 or 21 episodes for the first season, plus a Halloween special. He is working on Season 2 now.

“I love that Max is kind of really like me,” Mitchell said. “He has a love for animals and seems to always be getting himself out of tricky situations. Not only will kids love the show, adults will, too. They are 7-minute shorts so they can captivate the attention of the littlest viewers, but the adventures that Max and Sharkdog have are fun for adults, too.”

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